Emil Privér

Hey! My name is Emil Privér, I write about stuffs I learn and build. I am a software developer who likes exploring stuffs and writing articles.

The internet cable that birthed the command movement

It was early 2019, and most Swedes were on their way to work, maybe having coffee, or like me, coding an e-commerce site while enjoying my green monster energy drink. An article published by Computer Sweden revealed that “2.7 million recorded calls to 1177 Vårdguiden were completely unprotected on the internet”. According to Computer Sweden, they discovered 2.7 million recorded voice calls on a publicly accessible server dating back to 2013....

September 20, 2023 · 6 min

Go vs Rust vs Bun vs Node, Simple Http Benchmark V2

A while ago, I published an article titled "Go vs Rust vs Bun vs Node, Simple Http Benchmark" and I have been thrilled with the response and the valuable feedback I received. I truly appreciate all the input. Based on the feedback, I understand that there is room for improvement in this test. Here are some of the key points that were highlighted: It would be really helpful to enhance the presentation of the results by incorporating graphs or other visual aids....

September 18, 2023 · 7 min

Go vs Rust vs Bun vs Node, Simple Http Benchmark

This is the first version of the HTTP benchmarking. I re-did the tests and wrote about it in detail on my blog: https://www.priver.dev/blog/benchmark/go-vs-rust-vs-bun-vs-node-http-benchmark-v2/ Recently, Bun v1.0 was released, which shows promise as a tool for serving many users without using too many resources. To evaluate its performance, a simple benchmark test was created to measure the number of HTTP calls the server can handle per second. The benchmark also compares Bun with GO, Rust, and Node, as these languages are frequently compared in other benchmarks and are used for similar purposes....

September 12, 2023 · 8 min

Using Github Actions with Private Repositories in the Same Organization

I have been struggling with Github Actions for a couple of hours now. My problem is that Github Actions cannot read from private repositories in the same organization. Additionally, I have been unable to install Go packages because Git does not know which username and password to use. This post describes a solution to these issues. For a hobby project, my friend and I have an organization where we store all our code....

September 10, 2023 · 3 min

Building a data warehouse

A while ago, I was given the opportunity to be involved in a data warehouse project for Zimpler, which is my current employer. I joined this project mainly because I had no experience in the field and wanted to explore how to build a data warehouse and learn the process, and I did. Here are some things I’ve learned since the beginning. PS, some people will probably think this is basic stuff, and it probably is....

August 22, 2023 · 6 min